Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Thoennes' , Peggy and Marty visited, we visited, planted, picked, and boy did we eat!

Here we are all dressed up!!

Hello Everyone,

Long time and nothing,.... Sorry, well a rundown, this last YEAR we have had a blast. Jon is in a new Command and he is ok with it! He has a definitly different command than what he thought he would get, but all to build character and equip him for what is to come. This picture was taken at the COC (change of command) which was great, everyone was awesome, so awesome Rian decided to bless all with a drop and run, her diaper that is!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Gabby's class went on a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. They of course had horses' (Gabby was all to thrill to say the least) and of course pumpkin's. Rian and I were there to supervise although I think that Rian had way to much fun. The class got to go through a corn maze were they found grasshoppers and Gabby and Rian caught a few, Rian didn't like the taste to much but loved chasing them, and then we pet the ponies where Gabby talked the owners to let her pet them inside the fences, but Gabby was throwing such a fit to play with them they had to to calm her. And then the made a scarecrow and then a hayride to the pumpkin patch. Gabby got the biggest pumpkin, but we went kinda late so the pumpkins were tiny, but she and Rian and myself had a blast!

This Halloween was very nice, the weather was perfect and the girls were hipped. Gabby went as a ballerina cowgirl and Rian as a chicken. Give Rian a sucker and she was set and well mention candy to Gabby and she ran. It was so nice being home so I knew all the neighbors and they loved the girls, so we have so much candy it is silly, Jon and James better not complain about having no sweets in the house for a long time. I hope everyone had a great night like we did!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Well Hello to everyone, it has been a while and we are all doing great. I don't have any pictures of the girls but I can say that there will soon be, Gabby just had a Halloween party at school but missed it due to daddy competing in a triathlon, he came in 3rd and received a certificate (lame) but he was AWESOME we are so proud of him, so we went to support him and know how we do things we were hosting a murder mystery party the next day, and if you really know us we were not prepared. We had a blast, Jon was the cook, James and Sean were the butler and I being me was the housekeeping or Clue character"french maid". Jon and James worked really hard at creating the atmosphere and music and plot and they did great! The evening was a blast everyone played there character wonderfully I really didn't exspept the party to go that great but WOW, it was GREAT!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Alright, alright, Joe, Amy broke the silence. Our family recap - Flight back horror, Rian would not stop screaming but Gabby was great. Rian has some sort of stomach something that has caused her to poop a lot of yuck a bunch of times a day, Gabby needs ear surgery again, poor baby. But we found out that we are stationed here at Ft. Rucker, thank you Jesus. Gabby is having a blast in school, she takes her first field trip Tuesday to the farm Center. Jon and I are still training for this silly triathlon idea, oh boy, I mean "GO US". And the dogs have been getting having fun in the neighbor. So sweet little recap hope you enjoyed it and look forwarded to reading yours!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So Katie and I have started exercising, I hate exercising. We have started out going 3 miles, we both complaining but now we are at 4.4 miles and still complaining, so hot but you get used to sweating especially when we are done we can jump in the pool. Katie has somewhat alright lost her love handles and I yes I have not lost a darn thing, how is that? And yes I have given up food, ask Jon and James, as they think that they are starving. The boys however are trying this new amino acid thing just vitamins and both look really good, now how are them apples a couple of vitamins and these boys are losing weight. Oh the joys if being a MOM, right. Well whatever muscle weighs more right. I enjoy my walking and my girl time it is really a highlight to my day. But our ultimate goal Jon, Katie and mine are training for a triathlon in November in Panama City, maybe. So thanks for pushing us and encouraging us we love it!